The mission of IMQS is to establish, preserve and promote the finest quality standards worldwide by acting as a catalyst for information, training and networking to media groups, professionals and corporations.

IMQS is the individual membership organization that promotes research to move together into the era of increasingly digitized or traditional media. A leader in the transition from old norms to new standards for a new age. The association equips individuals and institutions committed to such changes with the knowledge they need to bring those changes about.

To pursue these aims, IMQS:

  • Envisions and articulates agendas for change.
  • Contributes to the knowledge of a diverse group of leaders committed to the systemic, long-term, cost-effective improvement of International Media.
  • Helps institutions develop their capacities to make the organizational,and other changes needed to achieve their evolving missions.
  • Collaborates with individuals and organizations engaged in similar work.
  • Sets standards for international media.
  • Provides accreditation across the board.